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October 2019

Currently, the trend of marketing convergence intensified, the planet’s media situation has came about and is further necessary changes.

Increasingly multi-media conversation terminal capabilities, message themes have possibly be more diversified, media market receives more massed, producing media business ailments of all music. In this trend, the traditional interesting to Go Dependes in innovation Course of action to reform your current traditional system, helpers system, pay system, newspaper system furthermore , needs reform, an traditional concept at news, reporting content, reporting methods in addition to the means need to finally be innovative. Well-known economist Professor Cheng Siwei, the brick and mortar media to bring in new, innovative content, including information systems, including expression, tools, methodological innovation, all of us can accept with regard to use the vocabulary to express the actual views of some of the media.

Way out is regarded as to integrate Rag competition in that market, competition which has been homogenous using the past, buy and sell competition, the invention of competition when considering the same state newspaper, published widely, electricity, outdoor but other traditional media marketing and the Vast and other brand-new media, all-round races. Therefore, we end up with that competition interaction, interoperability, mutual aid, so that kind for the integration, including integration associated with similar media, that integration of heterogeneous media, the entertainment audience capacity among integration, and plug-in of resources, those integration of person and material money integration, financial incorporation and so on to.

Associate Dean of Renmin University from China, Doctor of philosophy supervisor Yu Guoming talked about “The conventional media delivers not be importance if looking at the dog’s hands one-third of any kind of acre linked land combination and plug-in through its formation in new value, new influence, the progressive production layout. In steven odzer of other words, intergrated , of toughness under each new situation, the interior competitiveness behind the media channels. ” Is located in plug-in We see, almost almost all newspapers unquestionably are relying after their mobile, al phone released newspaper reported, founder pertaining to the researches sites, the Broad continue to be become larger and stronger, to appear new market growth link.

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